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Weekly Bulletin

Weekly Bulletin 15 February 2017

* Wednesday lecture

The next Wednesday lecture on 22 February is entitled Churchill: The War Leader and will be given by Allen Packwood, OBE, Fellow at Churchill College.

Full details of time and venue are in the newsletter.

Wednesday Lecture programme amendment

The lecture originally scheduled for 15 February, The SKA Project, by Rosie Bolton will now take place on 8 March.

Norah Boyce Science lecture

The next Norah Boyce Science lecture on 21 February is entitled The Beauty of Flavour: Latest results from the LHCb experiment at the Large Hadron Collider and will be given by Professor Valerie Gibson, Head of the High Energy Physics Research Group in the Cavendish Laboratory.

The LHCb experiment at the Large Hadron Collider is designed to search for new phenomena in heavy quark (beauty and charm) systems, which could ultimately explain why we live in a universe made of matter and not antimatter, as well as giving insight into the origin of dark matter in the Universe. This talk will focus on the latest results from the LHCb experiment: the precision measurements that benchmark the Standard Model; the results that tantalisingly deviate from the Standard Model; and the discovery of many new particles, including pentaquarks.

Full details of time and venue are in the newsletter.

Norah Boyce Lecture date amendment

The lecture scheduled for 7 March (details in the December newsletter) will now take place on 14 March.

* Trips and visits

Application forms are now available from the Office or in the “downloads” area of the website for the following:

David Hockney Exhibition

A visit has been arranged to the David Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain for Tuesday 28 March 2017.  Cost £28.50. Closing date for applications is 28 February by Collection Box in the Office or 7 March by post.

Visit to Globe Theatre

A visit to the globe Theatre has been arranged for 29 June 2017. Cost £26.50. Closing date for applications Monday 29 May by Collection box in the Office or Monday 5 June by post.

One-off session: Ideas Lurking?

Tutor: Glyn Phillips

Date and time: Monday 6 March, 11.10 – 12.00

Venue: U3AC, Room 2

Number of places: 16

A one-off session to explore whether it is viable to have a class where members’ ideas (however odd and in whatever category) could be worked through and implemented. I will lead off with some of my ideas including those relating to the Raspberry Pi. Please contact the Office to enrol.

* Wine Tasting tickets

There are two tickets left for the wine tasting on 22 February. Please contact the office if you would like a ticket.  Cost £12.50.

* Swimming at the Leys

Would you like to try out the Leys swimming?  There are a few spaces available for U3AC members to have a trial swim at the pool on Tuesday 21 and/or Thursday 23 March which is the week after U3AC term ends.  We swim between 1pm and 2pm and the cost would be £5.

This is a good opportunity to try Swimming out to see if it appeals to you before next year’s programme is published.  Contact the Office to register; payment will need to be made at the same time. If you need any further information contact

* U3AC Admin System Update

We will shortly be running a pilot with a small number of tutors using the new online form on our website to submit their course proposals. From the beginning of March we will be asking all tutors to submit their proposals. This will require us to issue new usernames for our website in the format firstname.surname, Members will be able to set their password at first login. Details will be sent to tutors shortly, and over the summer to all members. In this changeover period, prior to receiving your new logon details, current usernames and passwords will not work. If you do want access to any of the secure information held on the website, for example tutor contact details or trip forms, please contact the Office who will assist you. All other areas of the website are accessible without having to login.

* Air Pollution Seminar

Following the seminar held on Friday 10 February, a report and the speaker’s slides can be viewed on our website:

Volunteer Needed

We are looking for a volunteer to help us on the reception desk at Bridge Street every other Tuesday morning. If you would be interested in finding out more details please contact the Office.

* Talk by Daniel Zeichner

On Friday 24 February Daniel Zeichner will be talking to the “HIS 43: Your Cambridge” group. It will be held at 10.30 am in the Gibson Room at St Columba’s Church Hall, Downing Place.  On this occasion there are spaces for additional U3AC members but places must be pre-booked through the Office to ensure there is enough room.

* Annual conference presentations

The presentations of the speakers at the annual conference held on Saturday 14 January 2017 at Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane can be found on our website:

Phoning into the U3AC Office

We have been doing some upgrades to improve contacting our office staff by phone.  The number for the Office has not changed (01223 321587). However during the opening hours of the Office, 10.00 – 14.00 on weekdays, we will now have 2 lines available. If we are unable to take your call, either because both lines are busy or staff are helping members outside of the office, then you will be given the option of leaving a message or continuing to hold.  Out of Office opening hours you will need to select either to leave a specific message regarding any absence from a Bridge Street class, or to leave a message on any other matter. You will be given clear instructions, in particular reminding you of the details we need from you in order to help.

We feel sure the update will help members make contact more easily with the Office.

The Wise Wild Dance Group would like to invite U3AC members to join us in an informal Creative Dance Sharing/Workshop on Monday 13 March 11.15-12.00 at St Columba’s Church Hall. It is free and anyone who is interested in seeing what we do (and maybe joining in a little) is welcome. Hazel Francomb.

* One-day Course on the Spanish Civil War

There are still a few spaces left on this session which will run from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Wednesday 22 March 2017 with breaks for coffee, lunch etc. if you are interested in attending please contact the Office

UNATE visit

A group from the Spanish equivalent of the U3A is coming to Cambridge from 27 March to 31 March. Some who came last year enjoyed it so much that they’re coming again, and there are some new ones too, so if you’d like an opportunity to practice your Spanish, and perhaps renew acquaintance, please get in touch with Richard Frizell at for more details of the programme for the visit.

* ART 05

The Digital Art Course ART 05, ran for the whole of the autumn term with an extension after Christmas by popular request. If U3AC members would like to learn a little more about this new art medium and see some of the output by course members there is a website at

Are you a tutor or interested in becoming one?

Then this session may be for you.  Support for U3AC Tutors: ‘Reaching Out to All Learners’

  • How do we reach out to all learners as tutors?
  • What do we need to do to increase confidence in being a tutor?
  • How do we develop strategies for working well with a group of U3AC members?
  • How do we plan for our course sessions?

This workshop will help tutors to find answers to these questions. They will be practical and discussion based, within a proven structure of tutor support and development. Workshop participants will be expected to take an active part in the session.  The session is on Tuesday 28 March at Bridge Street and will be from 10.00am – 1.00pm. Maximum of 20 participants. Applications are invited in the usual way for short courses, through the Office.  Course Tutor: Maggie Balshaw.

Dr Maggie Balshaw is an experienced teacher educator and researcher into staff and school development. She has a PhD from Cambridge University in these subjects, and has run staff development workshops in the UK and in many international contexts.

Course venues

Details of all course venues, including the tutor’s address if the course is held in their home, are on the website along with the tutor’s contact details.  You need to “log in” to view this information using your email address and membership number.

Outside organisations

Details of events held by outside organisations can be viewed on our website

Vacancy list

If you are interested in additional courses, a vacancy list is available on our website

Absence from classes

If members wish to apologise for absence for classes NOT held in premises please contact the tutor directly (contact details on the website).  Apologies for Bridge Street classes can be given to the U3AC Office.

* New / updated this week


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