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Those who teach shall also learn & those who learn shall also teach

About U3AC


The University of the Third Age in Cambridge is an independent self-financing organisation that was founded in 1982. Its aim is to provide educational and social activities to those no longer in full-time employment and as such there are no age restrictions.


Most of the tutors are themselves members. Other members arrange visits to museums, galleries, theatres and concerts and occasionally organise short trips in this country and longer tours abroad.


A revised constitution in the spring of 2007 enabled us to offer an even wider range of courses and activities, hence the formal change of name to The University of the Third Age in Cambridge (2007).


The U3AC is very much run by the members themselves so there is a continuing need for help with various activities. In particular there is a need for more members to teach a class or lead a group. If you would be willing to help in this or any other way please fill in the ‘Helping’ section of the application form or get in touch with The Office.

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Latest Courses

Details of courses arranged after the printing of the Programme can be found in the Weekly Bulletin

Become a Member


How do I join the U3AC?

To join U3AC and/or enrol for courses please fill in the application form which accompanies the Programme and send with your payment of £75 plus any additional course fee as shown in the Programme, plus an enrolment fee of £5 for new members.  Alternatively, to enrol as a new member and apply for courses online click HERE 

When you have received your confirmation letter and membership card you may start to attend courses.

What does the annual subscription include?

The annual subscription of £75 is the fee to become a member of the organisation; it is not a payment for classes. Membership entitles you to attend the Wednesday lectures, to apply for up to 6 classes and the opportunity to apply for various visits that are arranged throughout the year.

When is the best time to Join?

The best time to join us is when the annual programme is published at the end of June. If you let us have your name and address we will post it to you.

Can I join at any time?

Yes, of course, you are welcome to join at any time during the year but once allocation has taken place in August some courses become full; it is best to contact us about vacancies before actually applying.

How do I get a programme?

To request the programme, or to make enquiries please email us.

Weekly Bulletin

Click on the link below to read the latest news and events from U3AC.

(Weekly bulletins are updated every Wednesday).

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Summer school 

The 2017 Summer school will run from 10 July – 4 August

The programme is available HERE

Courses 2017-2018

The Programme is now available.
We ask for course applications to be submitted by 1st August; allocation will take place shortly afterwards.  To enrol for courses click HERE

Application forms for trips and visits

These are on the Trips and Visits page. Forms are only available to members as they contain personal details and you will therefore need to log in to access them.

Notices from Others

Outside Organisations
Volunteers for Research
Members’ contributions

Latest Films

Film screenings will resume in October.

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Latest Lectures

Wednesday Lectures

Lectures have now finished for this term.  They will recommence in the Autumn term.

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Norah Boyce Science Lectures

Please note the new venue for this series of lectures: St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church

Lectures have now finished for this term.  They will recommence in the Autumn term.

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