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In 2012, U3AC made a formal commitment to manage its environmental impacts, and in 2013 it formed an Environment Committee to help with this. The Environment Committee reports to the main Council and is responsible for promoting environmental awareness practice throughout the operation.

Following the talk given by Citizen’s Advice Bureau on Energy Best Deal, they have kindly given us to their powerpoint presentation EBD Presentation

Environment Policy & Action Plan The latest copy of U3ACs Environmental Policy & Action Plan can be found here

Transport Workshop March 2015 – report and presentation

Climate Change Workshop, July 2014 The Environment Committee organised a well-attended workshop in July on climate change – a report of this workshop can be found here

Following the UN Climate Change talks in Paris in November/December, Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute held a lunchtime presentation:

Après Paris.

This is a brief summary of the discussion, from Brian Wallis, Chair of the U3AC Environment Committee.

Good lecture today (14/12/15) at ARU. But not at all optimistic.

Bad news ; Quantified value of climate sensitivity, claimed as fundamental parameter governing response to climate change policy making has been undervalued by as much as 2.5 times. Therefore a temp rise of up to 10⁰C may be a better estimate. We need to get to negative emissions to avoid this. Negative emissions means engineering gases out of atmosphere.

Good news. The Paris deal is as good/better as it gets at international level. It leaves door open for individual States to do better. Most negotiators apparently realise this but could not ‘sell’ anything more to political leaders, due to costs in money and jobs. It gives permission for the individual to act. That is important.

B .W. 14/12/15

Is Cambridge Air Killing You?

A seminar sponsored by the Environment Committee, U3AC, at the Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Friday 10 February 2017, 10.15am – 1.15pm.

there were three speakers

Dr Alison Greig – Director of Education for Sustainability at Anglia Ruskin University. Her current research interests lie in exploring the role of education in creating a more sustainable future. She has a background in physical geography and for a number of years worked on urban air pollution issues.  Please click Here for the presentation.

Heather Wallis – A writer, lecturer, and film-maker. Her talk shares strategies for coping with problems in a difficult world, be they practical, emotional or issues concerning our health and wellbeing. With a positive attitude we can fight that ‘I can’t do anything about it feeling’.

Jo Dicks –  The Environmental Quality & Growth Manager at Cambridge City Council where he manages a team of Environmental Scientists, Engineers and Environmental Health Officers specialising in Energy Efficiency, Air Quality, Contaminated Land, Noise and Authorised Processes. Please click Here for the presentation.

Seminar report Here


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