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Those who teach shall also learn & those who learn shall also teach

Possible Research Topics

None of the following are currently active projects but they could become interesting studies. If you would like some advice on starting one of them, please contact either Beth Morgan or Carlos de la Riva.

(1) Cambridge’s role in the Great War 1914-1918.

(2) The Changing Face of Cambridge: changes over the last 25-50 years, and changes to come.

(3) Old people’s befriending schemes: what schemes are already running in the UK? How successful are they? Could lessons be learnt from other people’s experience and applied to Cambridge?

(4) The Economic development of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of South America after the Wars of Independence and into the 20th century, encompassing the eras of fertilisers, explosives, sugar, soap and the Blue Revolution.

(5) It would be interesting, and possibly of some practical help to the Officers, to examine the demography of the U3AC to include such statistics as gender ratio, age spread, average age, age on joining, years spent in the U3AC, reasons for leaving U3AC, numbers by age group & gender who are “active” as defined by attendance at least one course a year – and anything else that comes to mind. “Relationships” and outside-of-U3AC friendships engendered would also be helpful, if not very easy to determine. If it proved possible to compare any of these stats with our U3AC 10 or 20 years ago, that would be a bonus, but very few of these figures will be available: comparison with a remote, comparable U3A would also be of interest – including their relationships with the local conventional university. (In fact, a survey of U3As in the UK to compare range of courses would be another topic – has U3A Central has done one?)


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