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Research at the U3AC

Do you have a special interest that you would like to explore but don’t know where to start?’ You have come to the right place – an academic background, is not necessary, all you need is curiosity and enthusiasm.

U3AC has people who would be happy to listen to your ideas on a one-to-one basis and help you to shape them in a way that would make an investigation both feasible and enjoyable. You can get advice on searching for data – in a library, on the internet, through a survey – as well as methods of analysis and presentation. (See Research Tools for notes on three excellent recent classes.) You can undertake a project on your own, or find other people to share it with you.

We will give you all the help we can, however the Council has made it clear that it cannot provide any funding.

Go to Research Suggestions for ideas for possible investigations – you might like to start with a short pilot study to highlight promising areas for further exploration. New suggestions for this section would be welcome.

If you have research experience, would you be prepared to offer occasional advice to members wishing to run projects? Please contact us so that your name and discipline can be added to the Research Advisory Panel.

Do feel free to contact us (through the office) with your questions and suggestions.


Research Group:

Beth Morgan (Research Co-ordinator), Carlos de la Riva


Environment –Related research

March 2012

The Environment Committee are pursuing the policy laid down by Council to promote environmental awareness and practice in its paid and voluntary staff, its tutors and students by organising a Transport Workshop to be held on the premises 30/03/15.

As a lead up to that event a questionnaire has been sent to all members to investigate current behaviour patterns.

The results of this investigation will be used and reported, at the Workshop.

The Environment Committee has formed a link with Leeds Trinity University who are doing a PHD research into social media and potentially disadvantaged group’s within the population.

They are interested in U3AC members attitudes to and use of social media.

The plan is they will attend the forthcoming Transport Workshop and film it as permanent record that others could access if they wish.


This is a follow on from earlier U3A research into Global Crises and Attitudinal Change  where Professor Roberts acted as an Academic Consultant.”

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