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Research Tools

Using the University Library

The UL is a legal deposit library, meaning that it is entitled to claim a copy of every publication in printed form published in the UK and Ireland. Almost all of this material is claimed and can be consulted in the Library. It also holds extensive collections of books, journals, maps, microfilms, photographs and sound recordings published overseas, and has extensive special collections of rare books, manuscripts, and other materials.

Members of the general public are able to get readers tickets – free for a single period of a week (in any one year), for wider access the charge is £10 for six months or £20 for a year.

Details and conditions can be found here:


Follow the links for the notes from three recent lectures on research tools:

An introduction to surveys (Jill Tuffnell)

Using the Internet as a research tool (Peter Woodsford)

Library Online Services (Leorita Stubbs)


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