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If you need to contact the Office staff urgently please ring or text 07542 150965.  If your call is not urgent please ring 01223 321587; outside the office hours of 10 am – 2 pm please leave a message.

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In order that U3AC can be sure that it is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act, tutors should please note that email addresses of U3AC class members are provided for the sole purpose of communicating U3AC matters.
They should not at any time, now or in the future be used without the explicit agreement of the class member for advertising or communicating non-U3AC matters and should never be passed to a third party.

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ARTC 04: Patterns and how to make them – handouts

FIT 35 and FIT 36 Pilates for Beginners – handouts

HIS 19: History of The Later Roman empire 284 – 476AD –  handouts

HIS 30: Rome: Some Noteworthy Women Under Republic And Empire – Lectures

HIS 31: Rome: The Beginnings And ‘The Republic’- lectures

HIS 32: Rome: The First ‘Emperor’ Augustus And The Other Julio-Claudians

HIS 48: Scandalous Women –  handouts

MTH 06: The Story of Gravity –  handouts

MUS 16: Sixties Music – handouts

SCE 25 – 2015-16 handouts

SCE 10: From Vitalism to Biochemistry – handouts

SCE 07: Climate Change – The Basic Science

SCE 13: Introduction to Weather and Climate-  handouts

SCE 14: Joints, Muscles and Nerves – what can go wrong and what can we do about it? – handouts

SCE 17: No Longer With Us – Nature’s Experiments – Handouts

SCE 18: Osteoporosis  – Handouts

SFM 01: A Safer Way to Drive (Advanced Driving Theory)

Nick Coni – Spanish Civil War

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